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G Cook & Sons is the first UK company to use Thermocromex. Thermocromex is a remarkable one-coat exterior limestone finish that delivers the beautiful look and permanent durability of natural stone. At a cost comparable to EIFS or stucco finishes, and when applied properly, is proven not to shrink or crack, for a durable and long-lasting finish that never needs recoloring. Thermocromex can be applied to virtually any substrate including, but not limited to, lightweight cement blocks, precast and tilt-wall concrete, cmu or brick. With color pigments that are alkali and UV-resistant blended right into the premix, Thermocromex color requires almost no maintenance to enjoy the original appearance, year after year. It can also be applied using multiple colors, for a natural appearance that could only come from stone.

Made from natural hydraulic lime (NHL), Thermocromex, contains no VOC's. It is one of the greenest materials used in construction projects today and is also green by nature, being mainly composed of calcium carbonate and limestone. Calcium carbonate is an essential element to our everyday life and can be found in our food, fertilizer, medicine, as well as the human body. Click here to find out more about the environmental properties of Thermocromex

Decorative Mouldings

We produce decorative mouldings to meet your customised design, or from our extensive range of stock patterns. Our mouldings can be just supplied or also fitted by our team of experienced installers. We make mouldings from plaster, glassfibre, reinforced dement, glassfibre reinforced gypsum, reconstituted stone or glassfibre reinforced plastic.

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